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DH-LSP.10 custom made for Iveco Daily factory built panel van

DHOLLANDIA has a more than 2 decades of experience and a very solid reputation in designing and manufacturing quick-fit solutions for cantilever lifts on factory built panel vans. Key factors in the success of the DH-LSP product family are:

With the 3 lift types DH-LSP.07.02 / .03 / .04 DHOLLANDIA covers the majority of factory built panel vans manufactured out of Europe, and their technical equivalents marketed in other continents. Specifically for Iveco Daily, DHOLLANDIA offered efficient solutions before, first with lift type DH-LC2.07, more recently with lift type DH-LSP.07.02. Both these solutions are now replaced by a new lift type DH-LSP.10, tailor made to suit the current generation of Iveco Daily factory built panel vans in the best possible way.

The lift type DH-LSP.10.01 suits Iveco Daily vans with 1120 mm rear overhang (measured from the center of the rear axle). The DH-LSP.10.02 is geared up to fit on chassis with 1520, 2120, and 2520 mm of overhang. These lifts are available in a 500 kg execution (2 lift cylinders + 1 tilt cylinder), and in a 750 – 1000* kg execution (2 lift + 2 tilt cylinders). They are equipped with full aluminum platforms of 1300 and 1550 mm deep. Unlike the usual DH-LSP which have their tilt cylinders on the back of the platform, these DH-LSP.10 carry the tilt cylinder(s) alongside the lift arms, like conventional DH-LM cantilever lifts. Hence, besides the license number plate and its lights, the rear face of the platform is completely free for publicity purposes.

* Always consult the restrictions in the body building instructions of the vehicle manufacturer.

** For vehicles with air-suspension, or gas-fueled vehicles, please always first contact DHOLLANDIA for a technical study.

Should you require further information on this topic, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our technical-commercial staff members.