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New compact 750-1000 kg side-mounted under floor lift

After more than 30 years of duty, the bespoke lift DH-REK is now being replaced by the DH-SOZ.10. Both the DH-REK and DH-SOZ are usually side mounted on truck chassis, in front of the rear axles, and used to load and unload at the side-doors of the truck body (often refrigerated bodies). In a typical application where delivery trucks supply food product into a chain restaurants, trucks are equipped with a heavier capacity tail lift at the rear to offload the full cages of fresh food product, and equipped with a lighter duty side mounted lift to reload empty trolleys or cages.

The DH-REK was a side-mounted fold-away lift, offering 1100 mm platform depth and max. 1000 kg lift capacity. The newly born DH-SOZ.10 has been developed as a very compact slide-away lift, and offers following features:

The DH-SOZ is suitable for most types of dry-freight and refrigerated cargo floors. Should you require further information on this subject, please don’t hesitate to contact the national DHOLLANDIA distributor.