Side lift DH-VOZ.10 can also lift above the vehicle floor level

Although we brought side-mounted column lifts to the market well before this date, DHOLLANDIA developed its first side-loader with a full truck-length platform in 1999. This overhead beam lift DH-VBZ.10 featured a platform of max. 7.500 x 850 mm, and offered 1.000 kg lift capacity. The platform(s) [*] was (were) driven by a cylinder beam mounted laterally at the front bulk-head, and a set of steel cables and pulleys mounted just below the vehicle roof. [* The DH-VBZ.10 was available with a single platform on 1 side only, or with 2 platforms left & right]. It was used in the brewery industry, to distribute and deliver beer kegs and other associated merchandise (other drinks, snacks etc.) in the street pubs.

In the years 2000, the initial design was replaced by a lower beam lift, named DH-VOZ.10.K1. The DH-VOZ.10.K1 was and still is driven by a cylinder beam mounted on the side of the vehicle just below the vehicle floor, plus a set of chains and pulleys. Thanks to the lateral installation and the much shorter columns, the DH-VOZ.10.K1 now became ideally suited for flat-bed bodies. This lower-beam design has become particularly popular in the gas-industry, for the distribution of gas-bottles.

Today, the DH-VOZ.10 enjoys equal level of interest from both the drinks and the gas-bottle distribution industry. The K1 version has the vehicle floor level as maximum lifting height. The DH-VOZ.10.K9 version [option OVU013.B] is equipped with a different lift cylinder and pulley arrangement, and can travel beyond the vehicle floor. E.g. to reach to a second loading level of bottles or kegs. Both the K1 and K9 side lifts are suitable for closed bodies and for open flat-bad bodies. Should you require further information on this subject, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our technical-commercial staff members.