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3-side safety rails for column lifts

Besides operational reliability and durability, driver and operator safety is one of the key concerns of DHOLLANDIA in any tail lift design.  Health & Safety executives in various countries have identified drivers falling from vehicles, and tail lift operators falling from lift platforms as one of the main causes of work-related accidents in the transport industry. Hence, they have made the mitigation of  this risk a key priority area. With more than 20 years’ experience in building safe lifts for double-deck vehicles, DHOLLANDIA leads the industry today with a vast selection of safety rails, adapted to the different tail lift families, and suitable for very wide range of applications and industries. In order to minimise the risk of operators falling from a platform, we strongly encourage the use of one of the many solutions available.  Be aware that specific legislation exists in a number of countries, make sure you comply!

The photos in this newsflash show 3-side safety rails mounted to the lift runners [option OVP351] of a single-deck column lift type DH-VO.10.K1 with 1700 mm full aluminium platform, installed on an Airport Ground Support vehicle. In travel position, these safety rails are nicely stowed between the closed platform and the rear side of the vehicle body. After opening the platform, the operator can choose to deploy only the 2 side safety rails and leave the outboard access open; or to deploy all 4 side + rear panels of the safety rails and to create a fully fenced-in platform working environment. As the side and rear sections are articulating, manipulation of the various panels is swift and trouble-free. Where side loading or unloading is required, the safety rails can also be swung over to the side to clear the side access.

In order to further maximize the comfort and safety of the operator, the platform of this lift is opened and closed hydraulically [option OVH004].