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Dhollandia facts & figures

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DHOLLANDIA facts & figures

  • Founded in 1968, more than 50 years of experience in the tail lift business
  • Europe's manufacturer N° 1 of tail lifts, with production in excess of 50,000 units per year and more than 750,000 units sold since 1968
  • Unparalleled product range with lift capacities ranging from 150 to 16,000 kg, all developed via internal growth
  • Production sites in 5 countries
  • Extensive vertical integration and technological leadership: more than 90% of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical parts used are manufactured in-house
  • Professional network of DHOLLANDIA Area Sales & Service Centres (Europe) and independent distributors (outside Europe) in 6 continents, and more than 70 countries worldwide


8 good reasons to buy DHOLLANDIA

1- Safe & reliable
  • Tail lifts designed with strong focus on reliability and durability
  • No electronic components in the core operating system, exceptionally reliable
  • Designed for intensive heavy-duty work
  • Strong & robust 4-cylinder tail lifts (*)
  • Electric safety valves mounted to all cylinders (*)
  • Manual emergency back-up operation on all electric valves
  • Level ride plus automatic tilt at ground level on most commercial lift models (*)

(*) Generic characteristics for most types of commercial lifts

2- Flexible & client-oriented
  • Small enough to care, big enough to cope
  • Wide range of standard products ranging from 150 to 16,000 kg
  • Extensive vertical integration and technological leadership: more than 90% of all mechanical, hydraulic and electrical parts used are manufactured in-house
  • Therefore perfectly geared up to develop and manufacture tailor-made lifts and creative client-oriented solutions


3- Superior finish
  • Low maintenance bearings and grease nipples in all critical articulation points
  • Piston rods in hard-chromed stainless steel for all cylinders exposed to adverse weather conditions
  • Best possible protection against corrosion: HOT-DIP ZINC PLATED finish or Protection PLUS finish on the majority of lifts
  • Zinc-Nickel surface treatment on the articulation pins and majority of small steel components


4- Economic & budget friendly
  • Excellent price-quality ratio at the initial purchase
  • Attractive spare parts prices and low maintenance costs
  • Superior longevity
  • Excellent TCO (total cost of ownership)


5- Easy installation
  • Quick-fit bolt-on mounting systems for the majority of tail lifts
  • Brand-specific quick-fit mounting plates for vans and light-duty truck chassis
  • Plug & play connections between tail lift and vehicle chassis
  • Close cooperation with body builders to optimize fitting efficiency


6- Strong environmental focus
  • Use of Best Available Techniques in surface treatment and waste water treatment
  • Use of rain water for industrial purposes
  • Application of wind and solar energy to power manufacturing processes
  • Maximum elimination of lost packaging material
  • Hot-dip zinc plating scores very highly in life-cycle assessments
  • ISO 14001 certified
7- Unrivalled international customer support
  • DHOLLANDIA subsidiary companies in more than 30 countries worldwide
  • Independent distributors in more than 40 countries spreak over the 6 continents
  • Excellent spare parts availability
  • Short reaction times for support, maintenance and repair
8- The safe and clever buy
  • Modern lift range offering many safety features and functional options
  • More than 750.000 units sold are the proof of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Preferred choice of many transport companies, fleet-owners, rental companies, body and chassis manufacturers worldwide

Control units for all applications...


DHOLLANDIA offers a wide variety of different control units to suit particular lift models and individual customer requirements. Conform with CE safety regulations, most external control boxes feature mandatory 2-hand control. Instructions for installation and risk analysis are included in the installation instructions.

Most commonly used exterior control boxes

Joy-stick + main battery isolator switch Push-buttons + main battery isolator switch
OAE031.Z OAE044
Push buttons. Mounted under the vehicle body, or integrated in body panel Ultra-flat control with push buttons
Joy-stick + main battery isolator switch, integrated in pump unit

Push buttons + main battery isolator switch, integrated in pump unit

























Most popular auxiliary controls


OAE001 OAE005 + OAE006
OAE015 OAE019


... and an endless list of options to choose from


DHOLLANDIA offers an almost endless list of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical options to fine-tune the lift to the client's individual requirements. The most popular options involve:

  • Controls & ergonomics: various types of main external control boxes and auxiliary controls
  • Platform visibility: flashing platform lights and reflective platform flags
  • Load handling: roll-stops and hinged ramps for roll-cages, carts, pallet jacks and other wheeled cargo
  • Stability: hydraulical and mechanical stabilising legs
  • Access: loading ramps for the sides and the outboard platform edge
  • Operator safety: safety rails and fall protection, anti-slip platform coatings and cover plates
  • Installation: quick-fit mounting solutions, plug & play connections
  • Independence: battery & charging systems
  • Finish: HOT-DIP ZINC PLATING, Protection PLUS or individualised RAL color schemes
  • Connectivity: telematics and fleet management, cycle counting and optimisation of maintenance intervals, geo positioning and protection against theft, etc.

Best possible protection against corrosion

DHOLLANDIA uses 2 premium surface treatment finishes for steel components, raising the quality and corrosion protection of the finished product to the absolute top in the tail lift industry. The majority of the most common commercial tail lifts are supplied in HOT-DIP ZINC PLATED finish, other tail lifts in Protection PLUS finish.

DHOLLANDIA’s Protection PLUS paint finish combines innovative technologies to raise the quality and corrosion protection of the tail lifts to the highest level. 

Protection PLUS incorporates 4 important steps:

  • Shot blasting of the steel substrate
  • 3-cation zinc phosphate
  • KTL cathodic dip epoxy coating (KTL = Katodische Tauch Lackierung)
  • Polyester powder top coat
E-coat (KTL) Polyester powder coat


HOT-DIP ZINC PLATING is based on the metallurgic bond between the steel parts and zinc, melted at 460 °C. The zinc-iron alloys formed in this way, offer a number of clear advantages:

  • Best possible protection against corrosion
  • Improved metallurgic characteristics
  • Better protection against shocks and wear
Hot zinc melted at 460°C


Green technology: life cycle assessments have proven that zinc-plating is the most environmentally friendly method of anti-corrosion protection.

Professional service network, original spare parts


DHOLLANDIA wisselstukken =

100% origineel

100% betrouwbaar

100% uitwisselbaar


DHOLLANDIA laadkleppen en liften worden verdeeld in meer dan 70 landen wereldwijd, via een toegewijd en professioneel netwerk van regionale DHOLLANDIA vestigingen en officiële onafhankelijke verdelers.

Elk van deze nationale verdelers houdt een aanzienlijke stock van laadkleppen en originele wisselstukken aan, en kan de klanten ondersteunen met:

  • verkoops- en technisch advies
  • onderhoud, herstellingen en depannages 
  • montages en montage bijstand
  • technische opleiding, bedienersopleiding, commerciële scholing

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